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If music is the food of love, play on...
I 'm here to share my gift of writing, music, spoken-word ministry and inspiration with you. It's my desire to enlighten, uplift as well as inspire you with what I've been blessed with.In addition, my wife Barbara Frost and daughter Kendra Frost have incredible and powerful singing gifts that I am sharing through this site as well.
​​Hearing God Through Physical Disorders is written to educate and inspire readers to take charge of their health and listen to what God is telling them about their spiritual lives. Click here for more information

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About Me
Check out Barbara's new single entitled It's Your Birthday (Celebrate Life) Available through CD Baby's digital distribution. Release date  4/16/17
I wear multiple hats including:Minister, Registered Nurse, author, songwriter, music producer, pastor, husband, father, and others. My most recent project is the release of my new book Hearing God Through Physical Disorders-What's Your body Saying?
I've written and produced multiple CD recordings including CDs for my wife Barbara Frost and our new birthday single It's Your Birthday (Celebrate Life) 
Featured Artist
Barbara is an awesomely gifted soloist with a beautiful angelic soprano voice. She sings with so much great emotion and inspiration that one can't help but be moved by her performances. She's been singing since her early childhood, mostly in church settings and school choral music classes. The past several years she's been found singing anywhere from concert halls, weddings, women's conferences, to open air crusades, banquets, and public school events. 

On this recording, Barbara collaborates with her husband and several super talented friends, Breath of Life, to bring a blend of contemporary praise and worship songs in the Latin and R&B styles, as well as heartfelt, back home hymns. There is some powerful spoken word on this recording accompanied by great music and special effects. Anoint Me Lord is Barbara's 6th album. This is a product of F.A.B.U.L.O.S. Productions. (Fred and Barbara United Lyrical Outreach Service).